:( tooo bad :"Technical books can be boring. But this is not an ordinary technical book! This book is like an almanac, a news magazine, and a hypertext database all rolled into one. Instead of trying to put the topics in perfect order and expecting you to start at the beginning, then read through to the end we hope that you'll browse. Start anywhere. " "the Net" xmapmod file changes keyboard 7.1 What? Me, Organized? 7.2 Many Homes Character Definition (nothing) The file is a regular file. * The file is an executable. / The file is a directory. @ The file is a symbolic linkSection 10.4). | The file is a FIFO (named pipe) Section 43.11). = The file is a socket. pretty: "rm *.o */*.o */*/*.o" "One feature of symbolic links (Section 10.5) (a.k.a. symlinks) is that unlike hard links, you can use symbolic links to link directories as well as files. Since symbolic links can span between filesystems, this can become enormously useful." diff tests differences between files.. both cat -v and od -c show hidden characters 14.1 The Cycle of Creation and Destruction command & (Section 23.3) Run command in the background. You can continue to execute jobs in the foreground. This is the most common way to put processes in the background. CTRL-c (Section 24.11) Kill the current foreground job by sending the INTR signal (Section 24.10). CTRL-z (Section 23.3, Section 23.6) Suspend the current foreground job by sending the TSTP signal (Section 24.10). suspend Suspend a shell with the suspend command. stop Suspend a background job with the stop command or an alias that does the same thing (Section 23.7). bg %num (Section 23.3) Let a stopped job (by job number num) continue in the background. fg %num (Section 23.3) Put a background job or a stopped job (by job number num) into the foreground. kill %num (Section 23.3) Kill an arbitrary background job (by job number num). kill pid (Section 24.12) Kill an arbitrary job (by process ID number num). jobs (Section 23.3) List background and stopped jobs and their job numbers. set notify (Section 23.8) Immediate job-state change notices. stty tostop (Section 23.9) Automatically stop background processes if they try writing to the screen. COOOOOL: Signal name Number Meaning and typical use HUP 1 Hangup stop running. Sent when you log out or disconnect a modem. INT 2 Interrupt stop running. Sent when you type CTRL-c. QUIT 3 Quit stop running (and dump core). Sent when you type CTRL-\. KILL 9 Kill stop unconditionally and immediately; a good "emergency kill." SEGV 11 Segmentation violation you have tried to access illegal memory. TERM 15 Terminate terminate gracefully, if possible. STOP 17* Stop unconditionally and immediately; continue with CONT. TSTP 18* Stop stop executing, ready to continue (in either background or foreground). Sent when you type CTRL-z. stty (Section 5.8) calls this susp. CONT 19* Continue continue executing after STOP or TSTP. CHLD 20* Child a child process's status has changed. time bomb = "at options time < scriptfile " Item Example Regular expression U.S. state abbreviation (NM) [A-Z][A-Z] U.S. city, state (Portland, OR) ^.*,[A-Z][A-Z] Month day, year (JAN 05, 1993); (January 5, 1993) [A-Z][A-Za-z]\{2,8\}[0-9]\{1,2\},[0-9]\{4\} U.S. Social Security number (123-45-6789) [0-9]\{3\}-[0-9]\{2\}-[0-9]\{4\}= U.S. telephone number (547-5800) [0-9]\{3\}-[0-9]\{4\} Unformatted dollar amounts ($1); ($ 1000000.00) \$*[0-9]+(\.[0-9][0-9])? HTML/SGML/XML tags (

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